the BACKSTAGE show
a podcast with Glen and Jim
Coming Soon!
From the team that brought you plays ranging from Hotline to True West to Dracula, along with the original pieces A Book Deal and In Due Time comes a weekly podcast chatting about community theatre from their perspectives. Glen and Jim have acted, directed, written, and served backstage in many capacities. Far from experts, they consider themselves consummate amateurs... and who better to discuss amateur theatre in a casual setting? Watch for our premiere episode, coming soon!
What is The Backstage Show?
Simply put, The Backstage Show is a podcast about theatre, hosted by two guys who have been involved in several community theatres in the Philadelphia suburbs, in various capacities, for many years. We discuss a variety of topics in a conversational manner—you don't need to be involved with theatre to listen, though you may find things more of interest if you are. Each topic we discuss will span several weekly podcast episodes in series. It's basically one conversation divided into bite-size chunks so you're not stuck listening to us ramble on for hours at a time.
Curtains Up
In our first episode, we answer the questions burning in everyone's minds: Who are Glen and Jim? Why are they creating a podcast (and why now)? Consider this our brief introduction to you, the listener, so you get to know us a bit better before we dive into topics that are more of interest... to us.
Play Selection
How do directors select their plays? How do theatres select the plays that make up their season? In this series, Glen and Jim discuss what their experiences have been (from their perspectives 
as directors, board members, and theatre members), what's worked best for them, and what hasn't.